Why is it better to hire a professional plasterer to plaster your walls, ceiling or entire house? Plastering is not a DIY thing. Find out here why hiring a professional plasterer in Port Macquarie is a smart and cost-effective option for you.
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    Why Hire a Professional Plasterer in Port Macquarie?

    Plastering is not a DIY thing. If you prefer to do it yourself, it is a wet and messy job. Always hire a professional plasterer in Port Macquarie to do it right.

    During the construction of the house, plasterers are covering the rough surfaces of the walls to make them smooth and flat. This process is often called plastering which strengthens the walls and gives a flat finish.



    • Why use a professional plasterer?
    • Professional Plasterers are trained to get the job right.
    • They use the right plastering tools and materials
    • DIY plastering videos make the task longer and fail!
    • Plastering is a messy job.
    • Consider your health and safety,
    • Cost-effective plastering.

    Why Use a Professional Plasterer?

    Why is it better to use a professional plasterer to plaster your walls, ceiling or entire house? Find out here why hiring a professional plasterer in Port Macquarie is a smart and cost-effective option.

    Professional Plasterers are Trained to Get the Job Right

    Plastering makes your home look good. With the application of traditional skills, professional plasterers are trained and qualified to get small and large residential plastering jobs.

    Professional plasterers have intensive background and on-site construction experience. With their skills and hands-on training, they can deliver excellent service and consistent results. Just in case they make a mistake, they know exactly how to fix it without delay.

    They Use the Right Plastering Tools and Materials

    Different types of plaster finishes are available in the market today. Only professional plasterers are knowledgeable about the right plaster to use for your internal and external walls. Apart from the skills, having the right tools and materials are important to make the project truly a success. Remember, using the wrong plaster and hiring incompetent people will just double the work and total cost. 

    DIY Plastering Videos Will Make the Task Longer (and fail!)

    Don’t be fooled with videos on Facebook and YouTube encouraging you to DIY plastering. If that is a simple patch up and does not require comprehensive technique, it’s okay to do it yourself. But it’s a downright lie to say that you can achieve the perfect plastered wall or ceiling without practice or knowledge on the right materials. The most common DIY mistakes are having too much and too little plaster which makes the wall uneven. Also, professionals know when to apply paint or wallpaper after plastering.

    Are You Ready for a Messy Job?

    Plastering is a messy job but most professionals clean up before leaving the house of their clients. There are a lot of stories and reviews about tradespeople not tidying up after work, leaving the place dirty.

    Consider Your Health and Safety

    Any work that includes wet materials, stepping stools and exposures to live electrical wires should be done with caution. Most professional plasterers are after your health and safety. Always choose tradespeople who are aware of the hazards in the workplace. Experts assess the area and know how to control occupational health hazards.

    Cost-Effective Plastering

    Why use a plumber or choose to DIY the job when a professional plasterer can carry out the project successfully? A lot of badly plastered walls happened because clients want to save money. Unfortunately, they end up paying double, costing more money and stress along the way.

    An expert plasterer on the other hand will complete the project based on the projected timeline, clean up the place after their work, follow up the next day to ensure that clients are satisfied – all these at competitive price.

    Premium Professional Plastering Services in Port Macquarie

    At Camden Haven Premium Plastering, we get to see the good, the ugly and the bad. We often receive calls from customers asking for repairs when their DIY plastering has gone wrong. That’s undeniably ugly and absolutely bad.

    Don’t waste your time and money if you can do it right the first time with professionals. Our local plasterers in Port Macquarie are here to help, creating the best plastering job for residential or home projects. We take pride in the quality of our service that has been tested, approved and commended for more than 15 years.

    Contact us today at 0420 268 923 or use our online form to get your free quote for residential plastering for construction and repairs.